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Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

GCI Pest Control Service offers a pest-free environment (pest free environment) by closing the access of pests into the building, eliminating habitat for pests and improve building sanitation systems. Another thing that needs to be done is a good cooperation of all employees working in the building to maintain the cleanliness and the work environment, dealing with garbage and food waste as well as the maintenance of drainage systems. Pest Control Operators have received proper training and comes with a certificate that guarantees their ability as a surveyor, operator and environmental sanitation consultant for clients. With this concept, the role of chemicals in eradicating the pest will be very minimal with the advanced management of the environment and conservation through better understanding of the biological behavior of pests and pest prevention so that it does not enter the building.

GCI Pest Control Service includes:
· GCI Insect Control Service
· GCI Rodent Control Service
· GCI Termite Control Service
· GCI Fumigation Service

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